1990年代初めにMellow YellowのDJとして活動をスタート。
プロダクション面での貢献と平行して、外部プロデュースやPeanut Butter Wolf、Nobody、Mad Doctor Xなどのリミックスを手掛ける。

2001年初頭にグループを離脱し、AZZURRO名義で活動するように。A Tribe Called Quest「Jazz」のリミックスのほかBLUE NOTEのカバー・アルバム『New York Times』への楽曲提供、ミックスCD『Fly Me To The Moon』『Electric Relaxation』など多岐にわたる活動で独自のポジションを得る。

2003年にソロ名義での初アルバム『Il Mare Azzurro』をW.B.A.より発表。収録曲『Quattro Respirato』は米BOMB HIP HOPのコンピレーション『Return Of The DJ』に収録されたほか、「Postcard From Norwich」がイギリスのSONよりシングル・カットされるなど内外で話題となる。

その後は2004年よりcappablackほかの活動で知られるHashim Bとのユニット、ILL SUONOとして活動を始め、soup-diskよりアルバム『ILL SUONO』、Dabrye、Omidらが参加した『ILL SUONO Remixed』をリリース。2ndソロ・アルバム『10000 Light-Years From Home』(2007年)はフル・インストで、透徹としたサウンドスケープが高い評価を得た。近年はDJ DrezとのミックスCD『Flying Humanoid』、ユニークなライブ盤『disco dal vivo』などをリリース。エンジニアとしてもDulo(DJ Kiyo)、Savas & Savalasなど多数のミックス/マスタリングを手掛けてきている。最新作としては、Mic Jack Production、Freez、Miliらが参加した3rdアルバム『The B-Side』を2009年4月にリリース。

Azzurro’s career started as a DJ for legendary Hip Hop group “Mellow Yellow” in the early 90’s. At the same time he worked on producing and remixing world renown artists such as Peanut Butter Wolf, Nobody, Mad Doctor X etc. He left the group in 2001 and started his solo career under the name of AZZURRO. He remixed A Tribe Called Quest classic “Jazz” and took part in a BLUE NOTE cover album “New York Times” , releasing Mix CDs “Fly Me To The Moon”&”Electric Relaxation”.

In 2003 he released his first solo album “Il Mare Azzurro” from W.B.A. A track from the album “Quattro Respirato” was chosen to be on the classic BOMB THE HIP HOP compilation “Return of the DJ” which was released in the U.S, and also the track “Post Card From Norwich” was a single released in the UK on the legendary London label SON Records.

In 2004 he started a duo “ILL SUONO” with Hashim B, also known as Cappablack, and released an album “ILL SUONO”. The remix album “ILL SUONO Remixed” that followed saw Dabrye, Omid and other underground heavyweights participate and was released on soup-disk.

In 2007, he released his 2nd full length “10000 Light-Year From Home”, a full instrumental album that critics praised for the distinct lucidness of the sound scape.. In recent years he has released a mix CD “Flying Humanoid” with DJ Drez, and a unique live album “disco dal vivo”. He has also been working as a mix/mastering engineer for Dulo (DJ KIYO) and Savas&Savalas (an alternative acoustic project by Prefuse 73). APril 2009 saw him release his 3rd solo album “The B-Side” in featuring Mic Jack Production,Freez and Mili among other top Japanese MCs.

Inner Science


自身の音楽活動のみならず、様々なアーティストへのエンジニア・ワークや、レコード・ジャケットやアパレルのアート・ディレクション、 プライベート・レーベル”PLAIN MUSIC”の運営など、多岐にわたる活動を続ける。

2009年は、9DW(CATUNE)やMarie Digby(Avex)へのリミックス提供、ドイツの”PROJECT MOONCIRCLE”から”DISC SYSTEM meets INNER SCIENCE”(ROMZ)のアナログ盤をワールド・リリース、同レーベルのV.A”Silent in truth”にも単独作が収録されたほか、東京・お台場にある日本科学未来館のプラネタリウムの新コンテンツ”BIRTHDAY”(2009年1月10日公開)の音楽制作を担当する等、文脈やフォーマットを限定しない多彩な活動を展開中。最新12inchが今秋リリース予定。

INNER SCIENCE is a solo unit by Masami Nishimura. His sound is often very colorful, bright and melodic but still has its roots in strong drum groove based dance music. His live DJ performance is phenomenal, he edits a wide range of rhythms from even-kick to down-beat, ambient to dub, his style crosses over all genres of music and sees him flying across the country from party to party every day. He also work as a Mix/Mastering engineer for countless artists and also directs artwork for record covers, clothing lines, and his private record label “PLAIN MUSIC”.

In 2009, He did a remix for 9DW(CATUNE) and Marie Digby(Avex), and released a vinyl release of “DISC SYSTEM meets INNER SCIENCE”(ROMZ) from German label PROJECT MOONCIRCLE. His track was also included on the same label’s compilation album “Silent in Truth”. He has also directed the music for “BIRTHDAY” the new planetarium program in Odaiba Miraikan Science Centre(Jan,10th 2009 release). His field of work continues to spread. A new 12inch also plans on being released this fall.